Tracy Shoemaker

Born in to a musical family, Tracy grew up singing with her parents and siblings. She started writing her own songs in high school performing them with a number of different bands over the years.

She decided to go solo in 2019.

In eine musikalische Familie geboren, wuchs Tracy damit auf mit ihren Eltern und Geschwistern zu singen. Erstmals in der High School schrieb sie ihre eigenen Songs und sang diese in einer Reihe verschiedener Bands.

Seit 2019 ist sie als Solo-Künstlerin unterwegs.


About Tracy

A few facts...

Tracy Michelle Shoemaker was born 1982 in Aarau. When she was 3 years old her family moved to Michigan, USA, where she attended Kindergarden. Upon returning to Switzerland the family resettled in Giswil, Obwalden. At age 16 Tracy was able to attend the Townshend International School in the Czech Republic where she graduated in 2003.
After a year of working in a credit card factory and McDonalds she went to college to get a Bachelors in Education. In 2008 she left Switzerland and joined the Frank Theater Company in Brisbane, Australia where she studied an actors training called the Nobbs Suzuki Praxis ( and performed in a number of company shows including "Up jumped the Devil" at the QPAC in 2009 and "The reckoning of Badengood" at the International Suzuki  Theater festival in Toga, Japan earlier the same year. After returning to Switzerland she got married and now has two children. She spent 2 years singing in the country cover band "hillbilly highway". At the moment she is working as a music and english teacher at a privat school near Aarau.



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